Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections App Reviews

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What a beautiful collection of images and stories. I can see hours of fun with my kids and students with this resource. The mosaic is a neat idea. Everything seems to work pretty well: fluid movement between photos and stories and text. Nice design!


This is a very well designed app! Great fun for me and my son. Keep updating it please!!


Oh I really like this-very elegant; nicely done!

Very awesome

Entertaining, interesting and educational. Extreme coolness.

Fantastic app

Amazing amount of content in a free app. Great info, gorgeous photos and neat UI. Thanks guys! I look forward to more :)

Sunset over Bugin Tsav

This is a fun, informative, interesting app. So far, I would say worth the download. Out of the 800+ images available, Ive looked at several and enjoyed them all until I zoomed in on the one entitled "Bugin Tsav". It nearly stuck out in a way due to its pinkish hue. (its a landscape pic). The name and that it is a landscape is all I can find out as the app CRASHES as I look at this pic. Ive tried looking several times and it crashes every-time. Can the developer determine as to why this is occurring? It makes one wonder how many other pics are affected?? Also, when logging into the app store to see if any updates on this app, it crashed the first time as well!! Overall, as aforementioned, is worth the download, but until the "bugs" are fixed, 3 .

I cant believe this app is free

This app makes me want to get an iPad or connect my iPhone to my TV. The images are great, the write ups are amazing. My jr. paleontologist can research his favourite subject with this one app. I had the same problem being jettisoned from the app while viewing the info page for Sunset Over Bugin Tsav (around the T-Rex Adams apple) as another reviewer. I was also jettisoned after a couple other photos at the top. These may be memory errors. Makes me want to take a trip to the AMMH. Great job!


Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much to its creator(s), this is a gift of an app!

Not a novelty

Well most apps Ive got really are novelty apps and have annoying ads or to get anywhere with you have to purchase something to make app whole. I cant believe the wealth of knowledge in this app and put together in an ingenious way. This app is fun. Im lucky I dont have to say what needs to be said as all the above post have said it. All I can say is Thank You for an amazing app.


Semplicemente bellissimo!!!!

Could be better

Maybe this App should be updated to iPhone 4 or iPad. Wonderful pics.


A nice collection of dinosaurs pictures and infos. Very useful for students and kids really a great reference. Hope theyll add more species in future update.


Fun educational app that contains information on most dinosaurs and how they link to modern birds. I like that it has tons of photos of dinosaur fossils and illustrations of what dinosaurs might have looked like. My only critique is that the app only contains info on a few dinosaurs. I believe the app should contain more ancient animals.

nice app

it seen a online museum, provide a lot of information especially via pictures

Very interesting!

Very cool for anyone interested in dinosaurs. The photos and facts make it feel like youre really right there at the museum! Educational and interesting!

Simple & Informative

Works great on my phone and the kids love it!


I like this app a lot! It has a ton of photos and information on dinosaurs! I would like more stories, like on Dilophosaurus and other various dinosaurs!


great this is A very good app with lots of pics and information perfect it with a search thing date

Fun app but...

Like some others have said, it really needs a search function to be a useful educational tool as opposed to just fun. The stories are good, but too few and otherwise no way to findehat youre looking for.

Update this for the iPad!!!

Please update this app for the iPad and you get 5 stars from me!!!!

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